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Any feelings in any relationships can be confusing, unsettling and worrying as well as euphoric, peaceful and mind blowing. Our feelings towards ourselves and our loved ones can change tenfold from day to day or hour to hour or even minute by minute. Highs and lows of emotion can be the cause of uncomfortable feelings, resentment, anger and depression.

If you don’t deal with these emotions or sweep them under the carpet this just ends up with you going round in circles, repeating behaviour patterns leaving you with feelings of inadequacy and putting a strain on your loved ones. This can cause relationships to break down whether it be with family or friends


Life is not easy however. We all need help from time to time whether individually or as a couple. Counselling will allow you to take a voyage of Self-discovery and self-reflection.

BY LEARNING About these insights you will be able decide how you would like to continue with your life, your relationship and your own ability to lead a happier life in the way which works for you.

Whatever you decide and discover about yourself and your relationship will be entirely your choosing and decision.

During this self-development, one to one counselling I will help you make sense of your thoughts in a comfortable non-judgemental and impartial setting. Everything is strictly confidential and is just between me and you or the the case of couples me and the both of you.

Whatever you say no matter how trivial, how unusual or how insane it sounds, it matters to you and by sharing these feelings with me it will allow you to voice concerns not in a heated argument but in a safe environment where you are not judged.

As a counsellor I am impartial so working with me as I have no direct connection with you or your relationship means I can help you view your situation in a different way and you can decide how you to make positive changes to make a real difference in your life.

Without a doubt relationships with loved ones family and friends is complex and has many up and downs

You will find that having individual or couples counselling will help you become comfortable and confident in dealing with emotions and situations so learning about your feelings and how to deal with them without bottling them up until they or you erupt.

"Life Is like a box of chocolates .

You never know what you're gonna get"​

- Forrest Gump