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I​ntroduction to Counselling

Life isn’t always straightforward: illness, trauma, stress or even changes to our circumstances, can leave us battling with pain, anxiety, low mood and a range of other distressing emotions. Sometimes these feelings are too big for us to tackle alone, especially if we have been carrying them for a while, and that’s where having a counsellor can really help.

Counselling can offer a wonderful opportunity for you to be heard and have your experiences validated. Whether you need someone to simply listen, or are searching for a solution, I can help you find your voice. Talking about things in a confidential setting, without judgement, we will work together to relieve any difficult and confusing feelings. The awareness gained will give you greater confidence to make creative, positive choices and to move forward with your life.

Our sessions will be built around you and your individual needs. I will help you to discover tools and resources you already have within you, which might be new or have simply been lost along the way, to explore the ways you can free yourself from whatever’s holding you back. Throughout our work together, I will be accepting and open, striving to help you to enrich your insight into your inner thoughts as well as your outer life. You may feel concerned that counselling may stir up unwanted thoughts and feelings, but be rest assured this is all part of the process towards healing, and you will be doing so in a safe space, in a fully supported way. And counselling isn’t all serious faces and solemn words; laughter and humour is also an important tool in the path to recovery.

For couples, my focus is always to support and encourage a positive outcome for all; to find a deeper love and understanding for yourself and others. Whether the intention is to stay together or separate amicably, the work of couples’ therapy involves unfolding your relationship as it is now and to address any issues which prevent you from having the relationship that you hope for in the future. If the relationship can be fully understood, and given time, respect and care, then the result can be a relationship to treasure, leading to greater intimacy and understanding of one another.

If you are ready to begin or continue with counselling, please give me a call, or send me an email, and we can arrange an initial session: an opportunity for you to get a sense of whether I would be an appropriate therapist for you. I will respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible.

I look forward to meeting you.

"Life Is like a box of chocolates .

You never know what you're gonna get"​

- Forrest Gump